Our services

At Interstate Pet Transport, we service all states & territories of Australia.

When transporting your beloved pet we limit the number of animals on board to a small group to reduce stress on our passengers.

For your peace of mind:

   Your pets always travel in the safety of airline approved crates.

   Your pets comfort is taken care of by climate controlled vehicles to ensure your pet is never hot or cold during transport.

   Your pet is never left alone – even when overnight stops are required, the driver remains in the vehicle with your pet

If you are looking for a safe and reliable transport company for your pet, get in touch today to find out how we can assist you


At Interstate Pet Transport, we can also assist you get ready for your new arrival. We have noticed with the excitement of the upcoming arrival of a new family member, many people seem to overlook some of the little things needed when adopting a new puppy or kitten.

We can therefore provide a variety of:

  • Rogz leads
  • Rogz collars
  • Rogz harnesses
  • Crates
  • Other travel accessories
  • Veterinary grade bedding

at a reduced cost.

We can supply any size PP crate at reduced costs:
PP20 – $45
PP30 – $77
PP40 – $88
PP50 – $130
PP60/70/80/90 – please contact us for pricing quotation